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MKTG 3205 TechTrek West -Undergrad (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

TechTrek West is a 3-credit, field-study course combining class work the weeks prior to and one week after spring break with a week-long field-study to Silicon Valley. During spring break, students will travel to Silicon Valley to meet with senior executives, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists in technology industry firms. While focusing on the tech industry, TechTrek is designed to appeal to all majors. Course work and visits will have a managerial focus, highlighting executive, marketing, finance, operations, and R&D functions.

Instructor(s): John Gallaugher

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor

Cross listed with: ISYS3205

Comments: Enrollment is limited. Admission is competitive, and participation requires the additional cost of travel. Interested students should contact the instructor for application details.

Last Updated: 10-Feb-14