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MGMT 8138 Designing the Future (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

The twin crises of sustainability and inequality pose significant threats to business and economics, yet system change for a better future for all is difficult. In this course, we will use design thinking, large system change strategies, a wide variety of readings, videos, exercises, and your imaginations to explore what a sustainable and equitable future could be like. We will think through what a thriving future could be, develop a new narrative that grounds social, political, ecological, and economic environments in a realistic new paradigm that offers hope for a better future and begin to understand how system change occurs. Issues include: change strategies and dynamics, sustainability, shifting organizational forms, the growth imperative, dynamics and ethics of the system, and future trends. These issues will be integrated into a ‘class vision’ for the future. Be prepared to work hard, collaborate, and explore the edges of your knowledge and thinking.

Instructor(s): Sandra Waddock

Prerequisites: None

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Last Updated: 01-Nov-16