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MGMT 2169 Special Topics: Business in Real Time (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

Students serve as senior executives operating an emerging public Company committed to competitive advantage, growth, and building corporate value. Using a sophisticated, market-leading simulation platform--a simulation which creates a realistic business environment and an engaging learning experience--student teams plan and execute a multi-year business strategy in a highly competitive and dynamic international market. Examining business with cross-functional lens, Students gain insights into: market intelligence, strategic formulation, tactical execution, multi-national operations, product development, global market penetration, financial strategies, business decision-making, and being a great business team. Prof. McDermott's classroom component weaves together the benefits of experiential learning with a parallel toolkit of knowledge, skills, and insights essential to effectively confront business challenges and seize business opportunities.

Instructor(s): Scott McDermott

Prerequisites: None

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Last Updated: 21-Mar-17