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MATH 1101 Calculus II (Fall/Spring: 4 )

Course Description

MATH1101 is a second course in the calculus of one variable intended for biology, computer science, economics, management, and premedical students. It is open to others who are qualified and desire a more rigorous mathematics course at the core level. Topics include an overview of integration, basic techniques for integration, a variety of applications of integration, and an introduction to (systems of) differential equations.


Prerequisites: MATH1100

Cross listed with:

Comments: MATH1101 is not open to students who have completed MATH1103 or MATH1105. Students contemplating majors in Chemistry, Computer Science/B.S., Environmental Geosciences, Geological Sciences, Mathematics, or Physics should enroll in either MATH1103 (Spring) or MATH1105 (Fall).

Last Updated: 05-Mar-14