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INTL 3374 Development Economics and Policy (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

This course examines development economics and development policy. The purpose is to understand the lives of the poor and the economies of poor countries in order to decipher what—if anything—can be done to improve their lives. We will consider what might be holding the poor back including population growth, lack of education, poor health, corruption, and institutional impediments. We will examine different empirical methods to evaluate the effects of a policy or program, and what we do, and do not, know about poverty. Students will write a paper which considers the research and economic reasoning for a particular program to help the poor by a government giving foreign aid, a developing country government, or an NGO. This course is appropriate for economics majors as well as for majors in international studies with the appropriate prerequisites.

Instructor(s): Fnu Anukriti

Prerequisites: ECON2201 and ECON1151

Cross listed with: ECON3374

Enrollment limited: significant writing/research component. The course has prerequisites of ECON2201 and ECON 1151.

Last Updated: 16-Feb-17