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INTL 1221 Reflections on Being Abroad (Fall: 2 )

Course Description

This on-line course is designed for students of all majors who are currently abroad and are committed to reflecting more deeply on their study abroad experience. The course permits students to consider where they are in life, what they hope to gain from their time abroad, and how their current experiences may shape their future personal, academic, and professional trajectories. The course also trains students to observe and document the culture(s) in which they are studying, and in turn to produce an interactive, mixed media presentation, which captures one aspect of their host setting. From the course, students will gain valuable insight and skills which will benefit them well beyond their study abroad experience.

Instructor(s): Nick Gozik

Prerequisites: Restrictions: Open to Students studying abroad during the current semester.

Cross listed with:

Comments: Students wishing to take this course should email Ms. Patricia McLaughlin at We will register students later in the semester once we have verified your abroad status (you must be studying at a BC sponsored program). We will keep a spreadsheet of students who wish to take this course, once your abroad status has been verified, we will let you know if you have been granted a spot in the course.

Last Updated: 13-Nov-15