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HIST 1505 Planet in Peril:The History and Future of Human Impacts on the Planet (Fall: 6 )

Course Description

The 21st century opened with crises of climate, bio-diversity, and eco-system functioning. In this class we address ecological overshoot from the perspectives of sociology and history, emphasizing the role of inequality, the state, inequality and power. The course combines contemporary analyses with a long historical record of human impact, considering both the familiar and the novel in the realm of ecological challenges. We devote substantial attention not only to causes but to solutions. Topics to be covered include: the Columbian exchange, forests, agriculture, water, climate change, toxics, and population. Solutions include state policy, social movements, individual action and social innovation.

Instructor(s): Juliet Schor and Prasannan Parthasarathi

Prerequisites: None

Cross listed with: SOCY1509

Comments: Core Renewal Course:Complex Problems

Last Updated: 24-Jul-16