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EESC 2230 Introduction to Geochemistry (Fall: 4 )

Course Description

Geochemistry applies the principles of chemistry to problems in the Earth Sciences. The theme of "how to build a habitable planet." Topics will include: (1) origin and distribution of elements and isotopes in different Earth materials, including the deep earth, crustal rocks and minerials, natural waters, and the atmosphere, (2) biogeochemical cycles, (3) pH and redox in natural environments, and (4) the carbonate system. We will discuss geochemical applications in geology, hydrology, oceanography, paleoclimatology, paleobiology, medical geology, and Earth System Science. The two-hour laboratory will include problem sets, introduction to instrumentation, and basic field and laboratory techniques.

Schedule: Biennially

Instructor(s): Amy Frappier

Prerequisites: CHEM1109. With permission of the Instructor. CHEM 1109-1110 or permission of the instructor and 1 course in earth sciences/in college or high school.

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