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EDUC 9737 Contemporary Issues in Curriculum & Instruction (Fall/Summer/Spring: 3 )

Course Description

The design of learning environments (e.g. curriculum, technology tools, professional development) and individuals’ experiences within those environments significantly impact both teacher and student learning. The learning sciences is an interdisciplinary field of research that draws from a variety of domains such as cognitive science, educational psychology, sociology and education to design effective learning and teaching environments. The goals of the learning sciences are to 1)understand the physical, cognitive and social aspects of learning environments and 2)use these understandings to design more effective learning environments. In this course, we will examine different learning environments. For example, we will examine curriculum to evaluate the scaffolds to support student learning, analyze digital learning environments for professional development to support teacher learning and critique video of classroom discourse to examine student interactions and community development.

Instructor(s): Kristen Bottema-Beutel

Prerequisites: None

Cross listed with: SOCY7737


Last Updated: 30-Mar-17