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ACCT 3351 Financial Statement Analysis (Fall/Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This course covers current techniques and applications of Financial Statement Analysis (FSA). Exposes students to the contemporary financial reporting environment and current reporting practices of U.S. companies. Students will analyze real-life cases to foster an understanding of the economic and strategic information conveyed in financial reports. FSA may be taken through the Accounting(ACCT3351) or Finance (MFIN3351) Department. Note that students planning to count the class as part of their accounting requirements for purposes of meeting the CPA requirements should register for the class through the Accounting Department (ACCT3351). Students who wish to use the class to satisfy both their finance and accounting or corporate reporting major requirements should register for the class through the Finance Department (MFIN3351). This latter option is valid only up to the class of 2018.

Instructor(s): Amy Hutton
Gil Manzon
Susan Shu

Prerequisites: ACCT1021 or ACCT1031, and MFIN1021.

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Last Updated: 02-May-18